Smith & Wesson .455
78th Bn Grouping
This superb example of the Smith & Wesson .455 was carried by Lt. Harold K. Beairsto in the 78th Bn from Winnipeg Manitoba. The grouping consisted of his revolver, holster, Sam Browne belt and insignia. The revolver is marked to Beairsto and also to the 78th Bn and C broad arrow marked. Considered by many to be the finest revolver ever made, it was only manufactured between 1908 and 1915. In total only 15,376 were manufactured and S&W was sold out completely by 1917. Only a small number of these were used and marked to the Canadian Expeditionary Force.
A close-up of the markings on the revolver. Note the Smith & Wesson insert on the handgrip, and the "C" Broad-Arrow mark of the Canadian War Department.
A close-up of the bottom of the grip, where Harold scraped HK Beairsto. On the opposite side he scraped "78 CAN" for 78th Canadians.
The Sam Browne and holster are both named "Beairsto".
Lt. Harold K. Beairsto's 78th Bn cap, collar and officer's hand-emroidered gilt bullion formation patches.
Officers in the 4th Canadian Division wore a gold hand embroidered maple leaf on the green rectangle of the formation patches on both shoulders. This very rare example of an officer's 4th Canadian Division bullion hand embroidered formation patch was worn by Lt. Harold K. Beairsto 78th Battalion from Winnipeg Manitoba.