Preußen Regt. der Gardes du Corps
(Potsdam) Garde-Korps
Mannschaften Krätzchen
Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Eigentumsstück (private purchase) Krätzchen (cap) from Preußen Regt. der Gardes du Corps (Potsdam) Garde-Korps. This very nice quality Krätzchen is made in the issue pattern, but not unit marked, indicating it is probably privately purchased.
A close up of the standard Preußen Mannschaften private issue pattern Kokarden.
This example is identical to the issue pattern, with a linen called calico. There are no issue or size markings.
The Kürassier in this photograph wears an Eigetumsstück Krätzchen. Unlike the issued examples, Eigetumsstück Krätzchen typically have much wider bands with wire stiffeners in the top.