Model 1888 Preußen Landsturm Tschako
Model 1888 Preußen Landsturm Tschako.

The M1888 Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Tschako is identifiable by the single vent on the side to aid in ventilation.
When the Landwehr adopted the Pickelhaube 1881, the Landwehr Tschakos were retired from service, so this Tschako would have been originally Preußen Jäger or Train until it was replaced by a newer model.

In 1914, old Tschakos were dusted off and issued to the Landsturm in order to meet the needs of mobilization. This example was upgraded in 1914 by removing the Preußen eagle Wappen and adding a Landwehr Wappen and Reichskokarde. In 1916 the old Tschakos were finally retired when the Landsturm finally adopted the Pickelhaube.
A view of the Preußen Landwehr Mannschaften Tschako Wappen (front plate) worn by the Landsturm in 1914. As is typical for these old Tschakos converted for Landsturm use, the wider holes where the Preußen eagle Wappen was mounted have been filled with leather and new slots cut into the front to accommodate the Landsturm Wappen. The Wappen is secured to the Tschako with twin loops with leather wedges, similar to the M1895 Wappens.
A view of the rear profile of this example.
The liner of a Preußen issued Mannschaften Tschako is essentially identical to a Pickelhaube.
A view of the M1888 Mannschaften Tschako side profile.
A Landsturm soldier from Landsturm Battalion #39 taken in August 1914.