Model 1895 (1903) Württemberg
Train Abteilung 13
Model 1895 Württemberg Train Abteilung 13 Reserve or Landwehr Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pickelhaube for Württemberg. Train - Abt. Nr. 13, Ludwigsburg XIII. Armee-Korps.

Although the features of this Pickelhaube are as per a M1895, it is technically a M1903. Prior to 1903, Württemberg Train wore a black leather Tschako. In 1903 the Württemberg Train adopted the M1895 Pickelhaube.
A view of the Model 1895 Württemberg Reserve/Landwehr Mannschaften Wappen (front plate).
A rear view showing the 1895 sliding air vent on the rear spine.
A side view showing the classic squared shape of the M1895 pattern Pickelhaube.
The liner of this M1895 example is in exceptionally good condition.
The helmet is clearly unit marked "Train Abt. 13" on the rear visor.