Model 1891 Württemberg Customs and Border Guards
Model 1891 Württemberg Steueraufseher und Grenz-wache (Customs and Border Guards) Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pickelhaube. This helmet is of the M1871 style, but was not adopted until 1891.

Note that the Württemberg Steueraufseher und Grenz-wache utilized a squared front visor with a round spike base, a combination only found in one other military Pickelhaube; the Württemberg Landjäger Korp Pickelhaube.
A view of the Württemberg Steueraufseher und Grenz-wache front plate in German silver. The Wappen is in the pre-1895 pattern with screw-post retainers.
Up until 1891 the Steueraufseher und Grenz-wache wore a Wappen that had diagonal mounting screws on the reverse. The helmets were all updated to the standard Württemberg stag and lion Wappen in 1891 which results in older examples such as this, having holes from both Wappens.
A view of the rear showing that like a typical M1871 helmet, there is a plain rear spine.
A side view showing the high dome of the helmet.
The liner is thick and heavy as per a typical M1871 Pickelhaube.