Preußische Versuchshelm Model 1905/06
Preußische Versuchshelm (Experimental Pickelhaube) Model 1905/06.

In 1905 and into 1906 a new Pickelhaube was introduced that was essentially a M1895 with Feldgrau felt covering the top leather shell.

Front and rear visors remained as per the M1895 in black lacquered leather.
This Pickelhaube is believed to have been produced in significant amounts and distributed to regular units with fittings in silver or gilt dependant on the unit. The M1905/06 proved to be unpopular with both soldiers and commanders as it could not be shined for parades or in garrison, which resulted in being withdrawn from service in 1906.
A view of the Preußen Line Wappen (front plate) for Mannschaften (Other Ranks).
A view of the left rear visor shows how the visors and the ear-leather under the M1891 pattern chinstrap post, were sewn over the felt covering.
The rear M1895 pattern spine and air vent is slightly off-center, revealing the stitching where the felt covering was sewn together over the helmet shell.
A view of the Model 1905/06 Experimental Pickelhaube profile.
A rear view of the helmet.
The liner is the standard Pickelhaube heavy leather pattern and in remarkable condition. Note that from the bottom, the Model 1905/06 Experimental Pickelhaube looks like a standard M1895.
Flipping the liner up, reveals how the felt cover is sewn between the shell and the liner.
Carefully looking between the felt and the shell, reveals that unlike a standard M1895 Pickelhaube, the outside of the shell on these helmets was not lacquered. A moth hole on the outside also reveals the rough leather of the outside of the shell, with no lacquer.
Beside the grommet for the M1895 pattern loop holding the eagle Wappen on, is a familiar manufacturer's stamp, "Maury & Co, Offenbach".
In 1914 to meet the demands of mobilization, the stockpiled M1905/06 were re-issued to troops and are often confused with Ersatz felt Pickelhaubes that have had leather visors attached in repair depots.