Preußen Dragoon Regiment 8
Officer's Überrock
Officer's private purchase Überrock from Dragoner Regt. König Friedrich III (2.Schlesisches) Nr. 8 VI Armee - Korps Kreuzburg/Berstadt/Namslau for a Hauptmann (Captain). The Überrock is a superb quality light cornflower blue doe-skin wool with black silk lining and yellow collar and cuff piping.

The Überrock was the normal daily uniform for German Officers, not the Waffenrock as is widely believed. A multi-purpose garment, it could be worn in almost any form of dress.
A view of the collar and shoulder boards, showing the very high quality of this coat. Note the exceptionally high collar.
A close-up of a shoulder board for Dragoner Regt. König Friedrich III (2.Schlesisches) Nr. 8. The two gilt pips on the shoulder boards designates the rank of Hauptmann (Captain).
The back of this elegant overcoat. Note that unlike the Waffenrock, on the Überrock there are only four buttons on the rear vents which are straight, not scalloped.
A view of the barrel cuffs found on Überrock.
A close up of the rear vent.