Württemberg Landjägerkorps
Model 1907 Württemberg Landjägerkorps Sergeant's Waffenrock (tunic), XIII Armee-Korps. During mobilization, the Landjägerkorps were military police similar to the Preußen Gendarmerie.

The Waffenrock is a dark dunkelgrünem (dark green) issue-quality doe-skin wool with kornblumenblaues (corn flower blue) collar and Polish cuffs. The Waffenrock piping is red and the yellow Garde Litzen is only carried on the collar but not the cuffs which is correct for the Landjägerkorps. The rank of Sergeant is indicated by the gilt NCO Tresse around the collar and cuffs, combined with the 30mm Württemberg rank button in gilt. The shoulder straps are the same dunkelgrünem cloth as the Waffenrock, piped in red with a cypher. Prior to 1907, the shoulder straps would have carried a brigade number which dates the Waffenrock between 1907 and 1917 when the Landjägerkorps adopted the feldgrau tunics.
A view of the collar and shoulder straps. The burgundy-red color of the piping is apparent in this photograph. The cyphers on the shoulders straps are cut from fine felt and separately sewn on.
A close-up of the Garde pattern Litzen and Württemberg Sergeant's rank button. Note the triple row of dark green, red, and blue piping on the collar edge, unique to the Württemberg Landjägerkorps. Note also the blue center piping on the yellow Garde Litzen.
A close-up of the Polish cuffs worn by the Württemberg Landjägerkorps. There were only five units in the Imperial German Army that utilized Polish cuffs on tunic with a vertical central opening making this an uncommon combination.
A Württemberg Landjäger wearing the Model 1907 Waffenrock. The man in the photo wears a Sergeant's Waffenrock, but the officer's sword knot identifies him as a Vize-Feldwebel, the next senior rank. Note that the only Kokarden worn on the cap is the Württemberg Kokarde. No Reich's Kokarde was worn by this unit as it was specific to Württemberg.

Photo used with the kind permission of Thomas Brackmann of
Imperial German Photographs.
A close-up of the Landjägerkorps issued shoulder straps.
The sleeves and the top interior of the Waffenrock are completely lined in an off-white heavy padded linen. The lower half of the interior is lined in black linen. The interior is stamped "LK" for Landjägerkorps
The rear of the Waffenrock.
An exceptionally rare grouping; the matching Landjägerkorps Pickelhaube, Waffenrock, and Schirmmütze. To see the Pickelhaube click Here. To see the Schirmmütze click Here.