Württemberg Ulan Regt 19
Unteroffizier's Ulanka
Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Eigentumsstück (private purchase) Ulanka from Ulanen-Regt. König Karl (1. Württembergisches) Nr.19, Ulm-Wiblingen, XIII Armee-Korps.

The Ulanka is a dark blue heavy issue-quality doe-skin wool with red collar and Polish cuffs. The facing color for UR19 is red and is reflected in the piping on both sides of the front panel, bottom hem, cuffs, and rear shoulder seams. White Litzen is carried on the collar and the Polish cuffs. The rank of Unteroffizier (senior Corporal) is indicated by the silver NCO Tresse around the collar and cuffs.
A view of the collar and Other-Ranks epaulettes. The Schützenabzeichen (shooting award) was worn from the right epaulette to the second button on the plastron front panel. A close-up of the white Litzen on the collar. Note the silver NCO Tresse and the red center piping on the white collar Litzen on the squared collar and that in this photo the removable red Paraderabatten (parade Rabatte) is attached to the plastron front panel.
A close-up of the Polish cuffs worn on Ulanen Ulanka. The cuff carries white Litzen and silver NCO Tresse similar to the collar.
A close-up of the Fechterabzeichen (lance proficiency indicator chevrons) worn on the left sleeve. Note the black and red center stripe for Württemberg. Two chevrons designate 2nd class lance proficiency.
A close-up of the reverse of the Schützenabzeichen (shooting award) which is attached to the bottom of the right epaulette. The Schützenabzeichen is clearly stamped to "UR19.2 (Ulanen Regt 19, 2nd Squadron). The meaning of the "ES" (?) is not known. The black/red coloration is common for all shooting awards, it did not indicate Württemberg.
The sleeves and the top interior of the tunic are completely lined in an off-white heavy linen, while the lower half of the interior is lined in dark blue linen. Note the three loops on the squared collar for closing. Also note that the three lower buttons on the front have been reinforced in heavy leather, a feature often found on issue tunics. The interior is profusely marked to Ulanen Regt 19 and the Armee-Korps.
The interior markings from the top include: size markings, "BAXIII" (Bekleidungsamt -Army clothing depot for the XIII Armee-Korps), "UR19" (Ulanen Regt 19), and "ga" (unknown?).
A view of one of the Württemberg Ulanen Regt 19 Other-Ranks epaulettes. The button carries a number "2" for 2nd Squadron. Note the silver scaling and plain cloth retaining loop common for all Ulanen Other-Ranks epaulettes. The König Karl cyphers are high-quality gilded brass.
A marvelous picture of three Ulans enjoying a cigarette and a beer together.
The matching Ulanka, Tschapka and Schirmmütze (cap) for Ulanen Regt Nr.19 . The piping and band on the Schirmmütze are in the regimental facing color of red, while the silver fittings on the Tschapka match the color of the buttons on the Ulanka. To see the Tschapka click Here.