Eigentumsstück Waffenrock
Preußen Garde-Schützen-Batl.
Eigentumsstück (private purchase) Waffenrock from Preußen Garde-Schützen-Batl. (Berlin) Garde-Korps. The Garde-Schützen-Batl. was distinctive, as it was one of only two units in the German Confederation that carried French cuffs (the other was Garde-Maschinengewehr-Abteilung Nr.2.).

The Waffenrock is a dark-green doe-skin wool with black collar and French cuffs piped in red.

As is typical for Schützen, the Waffenrock has red piping down the front pane, rear skirt and around the collar and cuffs.

The Garde-Schützen-Batl. was only a battalion in size, which combined with the almost complete devastation of Berlin in WWII, make any clothing items from the Garde-Schützen-Batl quite rare.
A view of the collar showing the large yellow Garde Litzen and plain-red shoulder straps. The single gilt Preußen button worn on each side of the collar designates the rank of Gefreiter (Cpl).
A close up of the large yellow Garde Litzen.
The back of the Waffenrock showing the piping arrangement on the rear skirt.
A view of one of the French cuffs with three gilt buttons and the unique scalloped yellow Garde Litzen. The lower horizontal panel is black like the collar, but the scalloped panel is dark green (slightly darer than the Waffenrock body color). Both are piped in red wool.
A period photo of a young Preußen Schütze (Private) in the Garde-Schützen-Batl.
A commemorative piece issued in 1914 for the 100th anniversary of the raising of the Preußen Garde-Schützen-Batl. The badge is stamped brass and very similar to the Jäger 'Kaiser prize" shooting award. Note the traditional French motto of the Jäger and Schützen: "VIVE LE ROI ET SES CHASSEURS" (Long live the King and his Hunters).