Model 1910 Dragoner Regiment 2
Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Schirmmütze
Model 1910 Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Schirmmütze for 1. Brandenburgisches Dragoner-Regt. Nr.2 (Schwedt a.O.) III Armee Korps. The cap is made from later-war quality feldgrau wool, with a black band and piping.
A close up of the standard Mannschaften Schirmmützen Kokarden and the unique Dragoner-pattern eagle tradition badge carried only by this Regiment.

According to Ulrich, Herr, U. & Nguyen, J (2006) The German Cavalry from 1871 to 1914 Verlag Militaria, Vienna Austria, the tradition badge was given to the Regiment after an incident during the 1812 war of liberation against France, when a group of Dragoons from this regiment were riding their horses bareback to water, but still managed to repel a French cavalry attack.
The cloth liner is unmarked, indicating this is a privately-purchased cap. The sweatband is Ersatz-leather and has split along one side and the forehead area from age.
A side view showing the nice "saddle" shape of this Model 1910 Schirmmütze.
A scarce photo of a young Dragon from 1. Brandenburgisches Dragoner-Regt. Nr.2. He is wearing a similar Schirmmütze, but in the M1915 pattern with a grey visor. The tradition badge would have been the same as the cap above. He is wearing a Feldgrau M1915 Friendensrock with black collar, cuffs, and shoulder straps.