Ersatz Preußen Rolled-Edge Filzhelm
Ersatz Preußen Rolled-Edge Artillerie J. Bambus & Co. Filzhelm (felt helmet). This example was manufactured utilizing Model 1895 brass fittings, but without front visor trim or rear spine. This pattern issued Ersatz Preußen Filzhelm could have been worn by either the Feldartillerie (Field Artillery) or Fußartillerie (Foot Artillery).

To reinforce the body and add strength, the manufacturer rolled and sewed the entire circumference of the bottom edge which helps the Pickelhaube retain it's shape.

This example is in near-mint unissued condition. The fittings over the last 95+ years have toned to a wonderful light brown colour.
A view of the Preußen Eagle Wappen (front plate) which still retains most of the original light gilt wash found on issued Wappen. The thin leather chinstrap has curled from age and drying and would be impossible to remove.
A rear view showing that this pattern of Filzhelm was made without a rear spine.

Note that there is absolutely no damage, no wear, no moth. The helmet is as issued.
The side profile, showing that this rather scarce pattern of Ersatz Filzhelm is in perfect as-issued condition. Note that as is typical for an Ersatz Filzhelm, the liner is sewn completely around the circumference and the stitching is visible on the exterior. As well, the rolled and sewn bottom edge stitching is also visible completely around the circumference of the lowed edge. The Reich's and Preußen Kokarden are near-mint with only the slightest wear to the paint on the high points.
The liner is the standard Ersatz Filzhelm pattern, being of relatively thin leather, sewn to the inside of the shell.

The liner is unworn and in as-issued condition. Visible on the rear visor is a faint size "55" stamp in ink.
The liner is embossed with the manufacture's mark of "J. Bambus & Co." This marking is usually (but not always) found impressed onto the liner on this pattern of Ersatz Rolled-Edge Filzhelme.

Construction details on all rolled-edge Filzhelm I have encountered are identical; which seems to indicate that the rolled & sewn edge Ersatz Filz Pickelhaubes were made only by J. Bambus & Co.
A close up of the sewn edge known to be done only by J. Bambus & Co.
A nice photo of a Preußen soldier wearing an Ersatz Model 1895 Preußen Filz Pickelhaube.