Model 1915 Hessen
Field Artillery Regt 25
Model 1915 Hessen Feld Artillerie Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pickelhaube for 1. GroSherzogl. Hessisches Feldartill.-Regt. Nr. 25, Darmstadt XVIII. Armee-Korps. The helmet is correctly unit marked "FAR 25" and "BAX 18" on the rear visor. As on all Model 1915 helmets, the ball top is removable.
A view of the Hessen Model 1915 steel Wappen (front plate).
The helmet is unit marked "FAR 25" on the rear visor. The helmet is also correctly Hessen Army Corps clothing depot marked "BA 18" on the rear visor (upside down).
As with all M1915 helmets, the Kugel (ball) top was slotted and fit into a corresponding bayonet-style lug on the round spike base.
A side view showing the profile of this rare example.
The liners of M1915 helmets reflect the war time economy, and are usually made from a much thinner leather than older helmets. The liner on this example is in nice condition and appears to be calf skin.
A view of the unique Hesse Kokarde. Hessen Kokarden tend to be quite thin and flatter than other state Kokarden.