Sachsen Tschako for Jäger and Schützen
A rare Model 1915 Sachsen (Saxony) Tschako for Jäger and Schützen Battalions. This example is for Kgl. Sächs. 1. Jäger-Batl.Nr.12 (Freiburg) XII Armee Korps.

Originally introduced in 1867, the Sachsen (Saxony) pattern Tschako for Jäger and Schützen Battalions was more cap than helmet. It was covered in black cloth with a flat visor which closely resembled the French or American Civil-War Kepi worn in the 1800s. The Wappen (front plate) carried a gilt Wappen with horn on silver star for Jäger Battalions and a silver Wappen with horn on gilt star for the Schützen Regiment.
A rear view of this Tschako showing the sloping shape of the rear.
A view of the Sachsen (Saxony) Tschako Wappen (front plate) for Jäger and Schützen. The front Wappen consisted of a Sachsen Wappen backed with a star, similar to other Sachsen units, but with the the addition of a Jäger horn. The Wappen is grey steel as per the 1915 regulations.
The body of the Tschako is not made from leather, but pressed wool/felt. The top of the Tschako is leather, as are the bottom edges and front visor. The liner on issued Sachsen (Saxony) Tschako are unique, having scalloped edges tied with thick colored cord. This is common for all issued Sachsen Tschako of this pattern.
The top is clearly stamped 12.J.B. for Kgl. Sächs. 1. Jäger-Batl.Nr.12 (Freiburg) XII Armee Korps
At all times, even into the great war, a black horse-hair plume was worn on the left side of the Tschako.
The Kokarden designed to fit the M1891 chinstrap lugs, are tiny; measuring only 32 mm.