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The Correct Equipment
Living in the Canadian Maritimes, humidity is a constant struggle. There is too much in the summer and too little in the winter. In the winter a regulated humidifier is utilized to prevent drying and in the summer a regulated dehumidifier is used to provide moisture. Both are of a decent quality and set to intervene when the humidity dips above or below 50%. One of the best investments to be made, is to purchase a digital humidity and temperature gauge. If it stays between 40 and 60% with the magic number being 50% humidity, artifacts will be relatively stable with no mould, shrinkage, or formation of rust. If the humidity is outside of these boundaries, then a humidifier for the winter and a dehumidifier for the summer is the only option.
Your Friend. The digital humidity and temperature gauge.
The Collecting Paradox.

The average collector will spend tens of thousands on collectibles and will watch them slowly deteriorate, rather than spend $200 each on a dehumidifier and humidifier to protect the investment. Why?