Other Ranks Mounted Pattern Greatcoat
Other Ranks mounted pattern Greatcoat. The coat is made of dark khaki wool and secured by brass British buttons. This pattern was originally designed for mounted troops but was issued to all arms by war's end. The overcoat is closed with 8 large British General-Service brass buttons. Under the collar, there is a flap to enable the wearer to close the collar in the up-position during inclement weather.

The Other Ranks mounted pattern greatcoat is in many respects, very similar to the officer's privately purchased "Trench Warm" and was almost certainly influenced by the officer's overcoat.
A view of the shoulder, shoulder straps and collar.
The back of the Other Ranks Mounted Pattern Greatcoat. It is obvious why this pattern of greatcoat simplified production. There is one rear seam, a simple rear skirt vent, and no rear belt. The reduced length also removed the necessity for troops to lift the bottom of the greatcoat with hooks to prevent it from getting excessively muddy or wet.
The entire interior is lined in a white wool blanket material, except the sleeves which are lined in a white cotton. There are faded remnants of a "WD" stamp on the left (right in the photo) lapel.
A Canadian soldier in the Artillery wearing the mounted pattern greatcoat.