Model 1867 Preußen Water Bottle
Model 1867 Preußen Water Bottle. The water bottle was made from glass with a leather cover sewn over the bottle. This is the primary water bottle carried by all most troops of the German confederation during the Franco-Preußen war of 1870-71. Considering that these were carried in battle and made from glass, few examples have survived, especially with full cork stopper and carrying strap.
A view of the original full cork stopper.
The leather has shrunk over the last 140 years, resulting in the sewn-seam separating along the side and bottom.
The leather carrying strap on this example is intact. Note that one end of the strap after it passes through the adjustment buckle, is attached to the cork stopper.
From the battlefields of the Franco-Preußen war in France, two old friends back together again. A Model 1867 Preußen Garde Grenadier Mannschaften Pickelhaube and a Model 1867 Preußen water bottle.