Bayerische (Bavarian) Model 1837 Water Bottle
Bayerische (Bavarian) Model 1837 water bottle complete with leather carrying strap and tin cup. Prior to 1837, water bottles issued by the Kingdom of Bayern (Bavaria) were made from sheet metal and were difficult to keep clean and free of rust. In 1837 a glass water bottle was introduced which alleviated these problems.

To prevent breakage, the bottle was encased in wicker with a leather covering. The tin cup was held in place on the bottom of the bottle with the leather strap. Few examples of the Bayerische Model 1837 water bottle have survived.
The bottom of the cup shows the effects of age and shows signs of corrosion on the bottom.

The mouth of the bottle is mounted with a zinc edge to prevent chipping of the glass.
Old friends together again; a Model 1868 Bayerische (Bavarian) Jäger Battalion Raupenhelm and a Bayerische Model 1837 water bottle. To see the Raupenhelm click Here.