Model 1895 (1903) Baden
Train Battalion 14
Model 1895 Baden Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pickelhaube for Badische Train - Abt. Nr. 14., Durlach XIV. Armee-Korps. The Baden Train wore a Tschako from 1871 to 1903. In 1903, the M1895 Pickelhaube with rounded cavalry style chinscales was adpoted.
A view of the Model 1895 Baden Wappen (front plate).
The liner of this M1895 example.
The rear of this example, which has a M1895 air vent on the rear spine, normally only found on infantry helmets.
The side profile showing the brass state Kokarde (unique to Baden) mounted on M1891 rounded mounted-troops brass chinscales.
The helmet is clearly Army Korps and unit marked "TB XIV 1904" on the rear visor.
The matching Train Pickelhaube, Waffenrock, and Schirmmütze for Badische Train-Btl. Nr. 14. To see the Waffenrock click Here.