Model 1896 Bayerisches Sanitäts-Abteilung Pickelhaube
Model 1896 Bayerisches Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pickelhaube for Bayerisches Sanitäts-Abteilung Nr. 4 (Bavarian Medical Detachment Number 4).

The overall condition of this helmet is exceptional; it is in near-mint condition.

The Model 1891 leather chinstrap is original and one of the very few I have seen in issued condition. The strap itself has hardened over the years, and is completely fixed in the current position.
A view of the Wappen (front plate) adopted by Bavarian foot troops in 1896. Note the amazing condition of the original M1891 chinstrap and the verdigris on the buckles which has 'grown' into the leather (verdigris is the green growth formed when brass is exposed to air for an extended period of time).
A rear view showing the 1895 pattern sliding air vent on the rear spine adopted in 1896 by Bavaira as well.

This Pickelhaube does not appear to ever have been cleaned, as the fittings still retain the protective light plating (similar to gilding) which was on the fittings when the helmet was manufactured.
A side view showing the classic squared shape of the M1896 pattern Pickelhaube.The only part of this Pickelhaube that actually seems to show some age, is the Bayerisches Kokarde, in that the silver paint has oxidized to grey.
The liner of this example is in un-worn condition with the original sizing cord intact.

Note the Verdigris on the loops for the Wappen which has 'grown' into the leather, an indication the Wappen has never been removed.
The helmet is unit marked St. A. 04 (Bayerisches Sanitäts-Abteilung Nr. 4) on the rear visor.

The "I" stamp is a Garnitur classification, which was a system of indicating the use of issue clothing and equipment based upon it's condition. 1st Garnitur indicates this helmet was the highest grade and suitable for parade and special occasions.