Preußen (Hannover) Füsilier Regt 73
Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Waffenrock
Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Waffenrock from Füsilier Regt General Feldmarschall Prinz Albrecht von Preußen (Hannoversches) Nr. 73 X.AK. The tunic is an early issued Dunkelblau wool with numerous issue markings and dates for IR73.

The GIBRALTAR cuff title was bestowed on the Regt on 24.01.1901 by HM Kaiser Wilhelm II for service by this Regt on Gibraltar from 1775 to 1783.
A view of the collar and shoulder straps. The two gilt Preußen buttons on each side of the collar designates the rank of Gefreiter (Cpl).
The cuff title is yellow hand-embroidered on blue wool. The Brandenburg cuff is piped in light blue, correct for the X Armee-Korps Hannover.
The sleeves and the top interior of the tunic are completely lined in an off-white heavy linen. The lower half of the interior is lined in black linen. Note the two lower pockets built into the rear skirt.
The tunic is profusely marked which allows for chronological tracing of the tunic through it's issues and history. The numerous issue markings and dates all deal with IR73. The earliest date on the tunic is 1890. Throughout use the tunic has been down-graded to the III Garnituren (3rd quality level).
A Füsilier from Regt General Feldmarschall Prinz Albrecht von Preußen (Hannoversches) Nr. 73 proudly poses for the camera. This is an almost identical tunic. Note the cigar, indicating that the fellow had good taste!
The Waffenrock with matching Krätzchen (cap) and Pickelhaube. The piping and band on the Krätzchen are in the infantry facing color of red, while the fittings on the Pickelhaube match the color of the buttons on the Waffenrock. To see the Pickelhaube click Here. To see the Krätzchen click Here.