Baden Train Battalion 14
NCO Waffenrock
NCO's issued purchase Waffenrock from Badische Train-Battalion. Nr. 14 XIV.Armee-Korps. The tunic is a dark Dunkelblau issued doe-skin wool with padded white lining. Unfortunately the issue stamps have faded/washed out. The buttons and NCO lace are gilt. For Train troops, the collar, cuffs, piping along the front fly, collar top, rear vents and Swedish cuffs are blue. The vented rear skirt (1895) and the large buttons (used prior to 1895) identify this Waffenrock as being made shortly on or after 1895.
The gilt collar and cuff NCO lace combined with the gilt collar buttons indicate a rank of Sergeant.
A close-up of the Badische Train-Battalion. Nr. 14 issued shoulder straps. Note that from 1866 Baden utilized Preußen rank buttons, as Baden did not have her own Wappen rank button.
The rear of the Waffenrock.
The matching Train Pickelhaube, Waffenrock, and Schirmmütze for Badische Train-Btl. Nr. 14. To see the Pickelhaube click Here.