Jäger-Bataillon Nr.12 Waffenrock
Kgl. Sächs. 1. Jäger-Bataillon Nr.12 Freiburg i.S. XII Armee - Korps Mannschaften Waffenrock. The Waffenrock is a dunkelgrun (dark green) high-quality doe-skin wool with black cloth collar and Saxon cuffs. The tunic is piped in red along the collar, cuffs, and front opening as well as the rear skirts. The shoulders carry "Swallow's Nests" which signify a bandsman. The shoulder straps are unique to the Sachsen (Saxon) Jäger being dark green with red piping and a Jäger horn.
A view of the collar and shoulder straps. The "Swallow's Nests" and Sachsen Jäger shoulder straps are clearly shown in this photograph. The Tresse on the "Swallow's Nests" is silver sewn to a green wool backing. The insignia is held onto the shoulder with corresponding "hook & eye" on the shoulder seam. The cyphers on the privately-purchased shoulders straps are cut from fine felt and separately sewn on with hand-embroidered details. Note the squared top unique to Sachsen shoulder straps.
A close-up of the Jäger Batl. Nr.12 shoulder straps. The button is for the 3rd Kompanie (3rd Company).
The rear of the Waffenrock.
A close-up of the twin vertical button Sachsen cuffs. The buttons on this Waffenrock are not just ornamental.
A view of the straight rear skirt pattern with four buttons only worn on Sachsen Waffenrock
A Jäger from Kgl. Sächs. 1. Jäger-Bataillon Nr.12 wearing a Sachsen Tschako and an identical Waffenrock.