Garde-Ulanen-Regt. Nr.2 Ulanka
Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Eigentumsstück (private purchase) Ulanka from Garde-Ulanen-Regt. Nr.2 (Berlin) Garde-Korps. The Ulanen were lancers and were responsible primarily for patrolling and reconnaissance.

The Ulanka is a dark blue doe-skin wool with red collar and Polish cuffs. The facing color for GUR Nr. 2 was red and is reflected by the red collar, cuffs, epaulettes, and red piping around the plastron front panel, bottom hem, and rear shoulder seams. Yellow Garde Litzen is carried on the collar and the Polish cuffs.
A view of the collar and Mannschaften (Other-Ranks) epaulettes. The Epaulettes for the three Garde Ulanen regiments were blank. No numbers or cyphers were used. The single Preußen rank button on the collar identifies the rank as a Gefreiter (Corporal).
A close-up of the yellow Garde Litzen on the collar.

Note the Preußen Gefreiter rank button and 5th Squadron button on the epaulette.
The back of the Ulanka showing the unique piping arrangement. Note that the shoulder seams, rear sleeve seams, and lower edge of the Ulanka are piped in red.
Photo used with the kind permission of
Maxime Chaffotte
A young Garde Ulan wearing the Ulanka and Garde Tschapka.
A view of the Polish cuffs with single yellow Garde Litzen. Buttons were in gilt or silver dependant upon the Regiment and matched the color of the metal fittings on the Tschapka.
A view of one of the Garde Ulanen Regt Nr. 2 Other-Ranks epaulettes. The button carries a number "5" for 5th Squadron. Note the gilt scaling and plain cloth retaining loop common for all Ulanen Other-Ranks epaulettes.
A close-up of the Fechterabzeichen (lance proficiency indicator chevron) worn on the right sleeve. Note the black center stripe for Preußen. One chevron designates 1st level of lance proficiency.
The matching Ulanka, Tschapka and Krätzchen (cap) for Garde-Ulanen-Regt. Nr.2 . The piping and band on the Mütze are in the regimental facing color of red, while the gilt fittings on the Tschapka match the color of the buttons on the Ulanka. To see the Tschapka click Here. To see the Krätzchen (cap) click Here.