Eigentumsstück Waffenrock
Infanterie-Regt. Graf Barfuß (4.Westfälisches) Nr.17
Eigentumsstück (private purchase) Waffenrock from Infanterie-Regt. Graf Barfuß (4.Westfälisches) Nr.17 (Mörchingen) XXI Armee Korps. The XXI Amree-Korps was the last Amree-Korps raised and was not on the order-of-battle until 1912. The XXI Amree-Korps is also distinctive, as it was the only AK to wear green shoulder straps; prior to 1912, IR17 was with the VII Armee-Koprs and wore red shoulder straps.

The Waffenrock is a dark-blue doe-skin wool with red collar and Swedish cuffs.

As is typical for infantry, the facing color was red and is reflected by the red collar, cuffs, and piping down the front pane and rear skirt.
A view of the collar and shoulder straps. The single gilt Preußen button worn on each side of the collar designates the rank of Gefreiter (Cpl).
The back of the Waffenrock showing the piping arrangement on the rear skirt.
A view of the cuffs with three gilt buttons. A distinctive feature of the XXI Armee-Koprs was the white piping on the vertical panel of the Brandenberg cuffs.
A view of one of the shoulder straps.
A rare grouping; the matching Ersatz Model 1895 Preußen Fibreboard Pickelhaube, Model 1895 XXI Armee-Korps Waffenrock, and Schirmmütze. To see the Schirmmütze click Here. To see the Ersatz Fibreboard Pickelhaube click Here.