Ersatz Model 1895 Preußen Ersatz Fibreboard Pickelhaube
Ersatz Model 1895 Preußen Fibreboard Pickelhaube. This example was manufactured as a Model 1895 with brass fittings, but without rear spine.

To meet with the Aug 1914 declaration of war, the Germans began manufacturing helmets from Ersatz (substitute) materials, with Fibreboard being one of the materials.
A view of the standard brass Preußen Eagle Wappen (front plate).
A rear view showing that this pattern of Ersatz Fibreboard Pickelhaube was made without a rear spine.
The side profile, showing that this rather scarce pattern of Ersatz Fibreboard Pickelhaube is in very nice condition.

Note that as is typical for an Ersatz Fibreboard Pickelhaube, the front and rear visors are riveted directrly onto the shell.
The liner is typical wartime brown leather similar to a standard leather Pickelhaube, but rivited onto the fibreboard shell from the inside. This example is in almost un-worn condition. The name of the man it was issued to "Weider" is written on the rear visor.
A close-up of the rear visor showing the rivets holding it onto the shell. As the front visor is reinforced with the brads for the brass visor trim, to reinforce the rear visor, each side received two rivets.
A rare grouping; the matching Ersatz Model 1895 Preußen Fibreboard Pickelhaube, Model 1895 XXI Armee-Korps Waffenrock, and Schirmmütze. To see the Schirmmütze click Here. To see the Waffenrock click Here.