Ersatz Model 1899 Preußen Filz Telegraphen Tschako
Ersatz Model 1899 Preußen Filz Tschako (Shako) marked to Telegraphen-Bataillon Nr.2.

The Tschako has the identical parts as the leather Model 1899, with German silver Wappen, M91 pattern posts & chinstrap, blackened air vents on the sides and a standard Preußen cloth Feldzeichen.

As with all original Filz Tschako, there is no trim on the front or rear visors.
A view of the Preußen German silver (nickel) Telegraphen Tschako Eagle Wappen (front plate). It measures only 95mm compared to the larger Line Eagle Wappen at 113mm.
A rear view showing the single air vent locating on each side.
The side profile, showing that this rather scarce Ersatz Tschako is in remarkable condition. Filz Tschako are considerably more fragile than the leather version it supplemented, and very few original examples have survived.

As is typical, the liner is sewn completely around the circumference and the stitching is visible on the exterior.
The liner is manufactured similar to a standard leather Pickelhaube, but sewn directly onto the felt shell from the inside in the same manner as a standard Filz Pickelhaube.
This example has a very unusual Ersatz leather-cloth liner, as it is cut identical to a pre-war Tschako but made from Ersatz paper-cloth which was often used as sweatbands in Schirmmützen (visor caps). In some areas the covering has worn away and the cloth is visible.
The Tschako is unit marked "TB2" on the top of the inside skull. At first it appears to be a "J" but it is actually the German "T" the same as what was carried on the shoulder strap.
A nice photo of a soldier in a Preußen Telegraphen-Bataillon wearing an identical Ersatz Model 1899 Preußen Filz Tschako.