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Kaiser 09 July 1997 - 12 October 2010
Goodbye my little Friend
(Written December 2010)

Two months after losing my little hero, tears stream down my face as I write this, the memorial to my little Buddy that I always knew was coming, but prayed that it never would. All these months later and the grief of his leaving remains overwhelming; I made him promise he would never leave, but even he could not keep that promise. My heart is broken and I have no way to make it whole again.

My hero, my little friend, the greatest soul that I have ever known, has left this earth. No eyes shall ever look at me again as did his. He had the courage and the heart of a lion, but it was that big heart that finally gave out at 7 AM on 12 October 2010, the saddest day of my life.

He knew I was with him and could feel my hand on his chest as he slipped away; I know that gave him comfort as he knew that while I was at his side, he was safe, but I could not stop the march of time. Part of me died that day too, and I will never be exactly the same inside.
Kaiser was such an important part of my life, with so many fans around the world due to this little web site, that one page as his memorial was simply inadequate. So as is my habit, I wrote several pages for all those things that made him special. You can use the "next" buttons at the bottom to navigate through his story, or use the links on the top of the page. Either will walk you though my memorial to my little hero.