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The "Field of Dreams"

Near where I live is an agricultural research station with a big open field, mowed grass and large mature trees; just a beautiful spot overlooking the Saint John River. This soon became the "Field of Dreams" as every time I pulled up into the park Kaiser (and Nina after 2003) would begin barking and crying as they knew where we were and could not get out of the Beetle or Jeep fast enough. Kaiser's entire focus was chasing his beloved tennis ball. When he was young I would use a Raquet ball racket and SMASH that ball as hard as I could and he would run like a little bullet; if it was timed right, it would still be rolling as he bolted by and he would snatch it up. However, as he got older I would just kick the ball to cut back on distance. He was always too lazy to bring the ball to me and would only bring it half way back so he could bark at me to come to him and throw it again. It was our favourite thing to do, and we did it year after year thinking it would never end.

On 08 October 2010 on a beautiful Friday evening we drove up to the "Field of Dreams" and like always, Kaiser & Nina began barking and losing their minds as they knew where we were. He was running as fast as he could and grabbing his tennis ball and barking like the little scamp he was. He was acting just like he was two years old not thirteen; in all those years he never failed to make me laugh as he tore around after his tennis ball.

If I had only known that after 13 years, that day was to be the last time we would come to this beautiful park together.

Kaiser in the Beetle as we pull up to the Field of Dreams
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Wiener in action!
Throw the ball!!
Waiting in their VW at the park
In the park in the fall
"The Tubes" resting in the warm grass