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Supper time was always the best part of the day for Kaiser. When he was a baby he would snark his food back and then lay on the carpet with a fat little belly. Like a parent looking at a newborn baby, I would sit on the carpet and watch him sleep and laugh to myself at that fat little belly all full of kibble.

Every time I opened the kibble bin, he would lose his mind as that meant supper was coming. Kais would constantly try to get his head in there for an extra mouthful. One evening I was watching him lick his dinner bowl for the 900th time that evening, so I brought the kibble bin into the living room and knocked it over. he was in his glory; finally the dream had come true and he had unrestricted access so he gorged himself. It was a happy night for my little boy.

If I laid my plate or some food on the coffee table, or an end table on the couch, he would pretend he was asleep as I left the room. When I came back, there he was, snarking back what he could as fast as he could before I grabbed him. Once in a room full of women blabbing away, he was standing up against the coffee table choking back a $20 piece of German Montagnola blue cheese and not one of the women noticed.
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Full belly as a puppy
Finally. The drream came true..
Munch munch munch!