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Kaiser's Headgear

It was amazing the number of emails I received from Kaiser's fans over the years asking if I had added his little hats with Photoshop or if he was actually wearing them. He was wearing them. They were all made for him by me, and he was the perfect little model; I could pop on one of his little hats or helmets and he would sit there stoically (out of protest probably) while I took photos.

He never squirmed or bolted, he just sat there in the perfect pose. His little hats and helmets became iconic of Kaiser's Bunker as he was the host for each section and wore the appropriate headgear.

Kaiser in the Royal Flying Corps
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Classic Kaiser in Pickelhaube
Kaiser Polizei! "Papers bitte.."
Kaiser in Schirmmütze
Kaiser on the Western Front
The brave Canuk