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My Puppy

I was denied the joy of having a puppy when I was young and I had always wanted a purebred miniature red smooth hair Dachshund but had never been able to find one. One day luck shone on me when a soldier at work said that his neighbour Carol had a pregnant mini Doxie (Millie), so I found out where she lived, raced over, introduced myself, and pleaded to have one. I had wanted a Dachshund my entire life and now at age 37 I was finally in a position to welcome one of the little beasts into my home. I went over days after they were born and saw a little pile of wee sleeping Bratwursts. I had never seen anything so cute. One in particular, stood out from the rest; he was 50% larger than the rest and as I knelt by the whelping box, he crawled out, eyes not open, and into my hands where he began to lick my finger. I knew immediately, this was "der Kaiser".

I drove over every few days to see them over the next few weeks and Kaiser always crawled out and into my hands. Its like he was telling me it was meant to be. I believe some things are.

I will never forget how excited I was when I drove to pick Kaiser up on 20 Aug 1997; I was beside myself. My puppy was coming home with me!

Kaiser at three weeks
When I picked him up he was sleeping in his crate that I had left at Carol's, I wanted him to have the smells of his litter in the crate and on his blanket. In fact, the entire litter was crashed in the crate. I put the crate on the passenger seat of the Beetle so he was facing me and drove home, but he cried the entire way. "WHAAAA!" and all I could do was stick my finger in so he could lick it, but he kept crying.

He spent his nights in the kitchen and only cried for his litter for two nights and he settled down. I was on vacation but had blown my back, so bending over to lift up this little 1 lb noodle was excruciating, but it had to be done over and over. However, a thrown back meant I spent a lot of time of the floor with him gnawing on my fingers or licking my face and the bond was made. Bestest friends forever.
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On "his" pillow
Dachshund in the mist!
Kais & Teddy
A plumper me with my puppy
Me & my Baby Boo