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The Traveling Hound

Kaiser was a travelling hound. He was happiest in the back seat of whatever vehicle was leaving, as long as he was in it. Sometimes I would try to sneak out but my keys would jingle just a little, I would think "certainly he could not have heard..." and turn around and there he was. "Where are we going?" on his face. Then I had no choice; he was coming. Nina would then have to come too, and yes we are all going now.

He liked nothing better than getting in the back seat, settling down, and snoozing until we got to where we had to go. He was the perfect little traveller; he would snooze for hours and then bolt out at a stop to sniff around and leave his mark that he had been there.

He loved the beach, and would wander up and down off the leash for many kilometres and was always was ready for more. He has been as far west as Ontario, as far east as Prince Edward Island, and made several foyers into the United States to pillage a special brand of cookies only available in the USA, "Meaty Bones" which he loved.

I have always loved camping, so Kaiser loved it too, like it or not. The long walks, the hikes, the sleeping in the sunshine on a warm summer day, and of course the hiss of burgers or sausages on the BBQ. One of my favourite events when camping, was "The Wiener Security Patrol" in the dark. I would close my eyes and Kaiser and Nina would charge along the roads between the campsites in the pitch black leading me along. Once in a while I had to open my eyes to see where we were, but somehow we always ended up back at the camp site. Now it is just me and Nina; camping will never be the same now.

Us at the beach at Saint John NB
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Fundy National Park NB
St. Andrews NB
Diving at Beaver Cove NB
Mactaquac Provincial Park
Prince Edward Island