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The Chevaulegers
Similar to the Dragoner in the Reich's Army, Bayern (Bavaria) had Chevaulegers cavalry regiments which operated as mounted infantry. Although similar to a Ulan Ulanka in cut, the tunic was known as a Waffenrock and had some significant differences. The Chevaulegers Waffenrock was Stahlgrun (steel-green) in color which can appear almost a dark olive-green. The collar, cuffs, shoulder straps, and piping were in the regimental facing color. Mannschaften (Other Ranks wore cloth shoulder straps and officers wore epaulettes or shoulder boards.
This example is for a Mannschaften (Other Ranks) in Kgl. Bayer. 1. Chevaulegers-Regt. Kaiser Nikolaus von Rußland with burgundy Regimental facing color and gilt buttons.. The shoulder straps of Mannschaften were cloth and pointed, similar to foot troops and blank; no numbers or cyphers were used by any of the eight Regiments. Officers wore shoulder boards or epaulettes. Buttons were in gilt or silver and matched the color of the metal fittings on the Bayern cavalry pattern leather Pickelhaube. See the "Uniform Details for all Chevaulegers Regiments" chart at the top or bottom of this page for details. Like Bayern Ulan Ulanka, Chevaulegers Waffenrock were not piped on the left side of the double-breast. Often confused with Bayern Ulan Ulanka, the shoulder straps and Swedish cuffs are the most obvious ways to distinguish this pattern as a Chevaulegers Waffenrock.
Unlike Reich's Ulanka or Waffenrock which are almost always made from doeskin wool, Bayern cavalry Waffenrock and Ulanka are almost always found in a thick, ribbed wool material similar to twill. Men and officers wore trousers in a matching color with wide cloth side stripes in the Regimental facing color.
The back of the Chevaulegers Waffenrock, showing the unique piping arrangement. Note that the lower edge of the Waffenrock is also piped.
A view of the Chevaulegers Swedish cuffs, identical for all ranks. As with the other Regiments of the Army, NCOs wore silver or gilt lace around the collar and cuffs from the rank of Unteroffizier and above.
The Waffenrock with matching Mütze and Pickelhaube. The piping and band on the Mütze are in the regimental facing color, while the fittings on the Pickelhaube match the color of the buttons on the Waffenrock.
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