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Model 1915/16 Bluse
A.K.O 21 September 1915 announced the release of completely new pattern of tunic called the M1915. Bayern (Bavaria) did not adopt the Bluse until 31 March 1916, so a Bayern Bluse in known as a M1916 Bluse. The Bluse was to be used by all units, including cavalry. The tunic was made with a looser cut than earlier uniforms, which allowed heavier undergarments to be worn. This cut also resulted in a greater degree of mobility and comfort for the wearer. The Bluse was completely void of piping and utilized the simplified rear skirt design and barrel cuffs of the Vereinfachte tunics.
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The stand and fall collar was made from an apple-green cloth with rounded corners secured with one or two sets of hooks. Like the M1910, there was a cloth tab and button under the collar to hold the collar vertical in inclement weather. Bayern opted to have a grey collar when they adopted the Bluse in 1916. The front fly of the Bluse concealed six horn buttons and the front of the tunic had two lower external pockets secured by buttons. M1915 buttons are 23mm except for shoulder strap buttons which are smaller. All buttons now carried a new pattern of crown and lacked the rim of the 1910 buttons.
All previous forms of cuffs were made obsolete, and Bluse from all arms utilized the barrel cuff.
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Issued Bluse were completely lined with a heavy weight cotton or linen material, usually in grey. The liner had a horizontal or vertical pocket at the wearer's left breast or sometimes on both sides. In each rear skirt liner was a long vertical slip opening, forming two more pockets. Late-war linings of the M15 Bluse are sometimes encountered with linings made from commercial fabrics, such as striped material which was not specifically made for military use.
A first aid bandage pocket was also mounted on the lower right of the lining. The liner usually was stamped with Army Clothing depot markings and could include the year of the stamping, issuing army corps, and size information.
The rimless crown buttons for the M1915 Bluse came in two different sizes; 18mm for the shoulder straps, and 23mm for the lower pockets.

Note that the buttons have a common crown and lack the rim of the 1910 pattern buttons.
The Rank Buttons on M1915 Bluse were also changed to grey-painted metal. 24 mm collar buttons designate the rank of Gefreiter. 30 mm collar buttons indicate a rank of Sergeant and up.
One feature of the new M1915 Bluse, were that shoulder straps were standardized by the use of specific colors for each branch of service. The list below indicates the primarily colors. For officer boards, the underlay matched the colors of the Mannschaften (Other Ranks) shoulder straps.

  • Infanterie (Infantry) - Feldgrau with white piping. Red number or cypher
  • Jäger (light infantry) - Green with red piping and number or cypher
  • Feldartillerie (Field Artillery) - Red with yellow flaming bomb and number or cypher.
  • Fußartillerie (Foot Artillery) - Yellow with yellow flaming bomb and number or cypher.
  • Kürassier (Heavy Cavalry) White with number and piping in the Regimental facing colors.
  • Dragoner (Mounted Rifle)- Cornflower blue w/ number and piping in the Regimental facing colors.
  • Pionier (Pioneer) - Black with red piping and number or cypher
  • Train (Supply) - Medium blue w/ red number
  • Ulan - Red with number and piping in the Regimental facing colors.
  • Verkehrstruppen (Telegraph, Flieger, Eisenbahn etc) - Light grey w/ red number and cypher.
Infantry Regiments with shoulder strap piping other than white due to seniority and Regimental distinctions:
  • Red: 2nd Foot Garde Regt zu Füß, 2nd Guard Grenadiers, 8th Grenadiers, 11 Battalion 89th Grenadiers, Infanterie Regiments 115 and 168.
  • Yellow: 3rd Garde Regt zu Füß, 3rd Guard Grenadiers, Guard Füsiliers, 7th and 11th Grenadiers, Infanterie Regiment 118.
  • Blue: 4th Garde Regt zu Füß, 4th Guard Grenadiers, Infanterie Regiments 117 and 145.
  • Green: 114th Reqt.
The link to this photo shows a very small selection of M1915/16 shoulder straps worn by Mannschaften (Other Ranks) on the Bluse. I have attempted to show one of each of the above list.
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