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Reich's Ulanen
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Bavarian Ulanen
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The Ulanen
The Ulanen (Lancers) wore a double-breasted uniform known as the Ulanka which was introduced in 1843. The Ulanka was made from doe-skin wool or tricot with the collar, cuffs, front, and seams piped in the regimental facing colors. Bayern (Bavaria) Ulanka, however, were only piped on the front opening, not on the false side of the double breast. The metal trim and buttons matched the color of the metal fittings on the Tschapka, which was the unique Lancer helmet wore by the Ulanen.
The large shoulder epaulettes worn by all ranks had silver or gilt crescents and scales on regimental colors with silver or gilt numbers or cyphers for Mannschaften (Other Ranks). Sachsen (Saxon) NCOs occasionally wore cloth shoulder straps in Regimental facing colors although examples of this are rare. Officers wore silver or gilt crescents with silver or gilt lace in the country or state colors on regimental colors with silver or gilt numbers or cyphers. See the "Uniform Details for all Ulanen Regiments" at the top or bottom of this page for details.

Several of the Ulanen regiments had an odd double-colour configuration for the epaulettes, where the officer's had silver braid and crescents, while the men had gilt scales and crescents regardless of the fittings on the Tschapka. They were:

UR5, UR6, UR7, UR8, UR14, UR16.
Ulanen Regiments wore three distinct colors of Ulanka.
  • Preußen (Prussia) and Württemberg: Dunkelblau (dark blue)

  • Sachsen (Saxon) Hellblau (light blue) ; and

  • Bayern (Bavaria) Stahlgrun (dark steel green)
For parades, a removable Paraderabatten (parade Rabatte) was attached to the front panel of the Ulanka as well as around the neck of the Ulanen helmet, the Tschapka. The colors of the Paraderabatten matched the Regimental facing colors. The edges of the Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Paraderabatten on the Tschapka was trimmed in white for all Regiments, while the officer's were trimmed in silver with state flecking.
For Garde units both collar and cuffs were decorated with white or yellow Litzen for men, silver or gilt for officers. The rank of Unteroffizier (senior Corporal) on this Ulanen Regt. Nr. 19 example is indicated by the silver NCO lace around the collar and cuffs.
All seams including both side of the double-breast, shoulders, rear "darts" and sleeves were piped in the Regimetal facing color.
The cuffs on Ulanka were Polish pattern and had a vertical point with a single button. As with the other Regiments of the Army, NCOs wore silver or gilt lace around the collar and cuffs from the rank of Unteroffizier and above. From left to right, Ulanen Regt. Nr 20, Ulanen Regt. Nr 19, and Ulanen Regt. Nr 16
The Sachsen Ulanen had a peculiar habit after 1910 of wearing numbered straps on the Dunkelblau Ulanka in lieu of epaulettes for the three Sachsen Ulanen Regts. No other contingent did this. Photographs of this pattern are quite rare, but those that do appear show that only numbers were worn, never the regimental cypher, and the straps were sewn into the shoulder seams and not removable.

To the left is a scarce period photo of this unusual Ulanka pattern worn by an Einjährig-Freiwilliger (One year volunteer) in Ulanen regt Nr. 21. Note that UR21 wore a cypher on their epaulettes, but as expected, instead of the scaled brass epaulettes there is a strap of the same blue material, piped in white with a white #21.
A rare example of the Sachsen Ulanen Ulanka with shoulder straps for Kgl. Sächs.1. Ulanen-Regt. Kaiser Franz Josef von Österreich, König von Ungarn'' Nr.17.

Ulanen Rget Nr. 17 wore a cypher on their scaled brass epaulettes, but on this pattern of Ulanka only a strap of the same blue material, piped in white with a white #17 is worn.
Three Ulanen from the 2. Hannoversches Ulanen-Regt. Nr.14 enjoy a beer and a cigarette for the camera. there anything it can't do?
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Reich's Ulan
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Bavarian Ulan
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