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Kaiser's Bunker Guide to Imperial German Cloth Headgear

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This essay is an on-line guide to the different patterns of Imperial German Cloth Headgear. It is not designed to replace good, quality reference books. The list of references at the bottom will supply substantially more information for the serious researcher/collector, but I hope this effort will serve those who do not have access to extensive references. All of the cloth headgear shown in this reference are photographed in much greater detail in the Artifact Galleries in Kaiser's Bunker.
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Evolution of the Imperial German Krätzchen and Schirmmütze

Krätzchen were the round visorless field cap worn by Mannschaften (Other Ranks). Schirmmütze were the caps with visors worn by all ranks. This page discusses the evolution of these forms of cloth headgear from 1808 to 1918.
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Full Color Mützen Charts

Full color drawings of all known types of pre-1910 Dunkelblau and M1907/10 Feldgrau cloth headgear for all arms. Over 360 full-color drawings. All military units shown.
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Tradition Badges

This page discusses the tradition badges worn on Imperial German cloth headgear, such as Totenkopf (skull), Edelweiß, and official's eagles etc.
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This page discusses the Kokarden (cockades) worn on Imperial German cloth headgear by all contingents.
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Issue Stamps

An explanation of the unit markings which is often found in issued cloth headgear.
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E or Eigentum (property) Stamps

An explanation of the unit markings which are often accompanied with an E or Eigentum found in uniforms or cloth headgear.
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Regiment/Battalion Uniform Detail Charts
The following links will present charts listing all Regiments and Battalions of the Pre-1914 Imperial German Army. Each chart will present specific details of the uniform and helmet for each unit. Unless listed separately, Bayern (Bavarian) units are grouped with the units of that branch of service. These charts will all open in a new window.
Infantry Regiments Bayern Infantry Regiments Jäger and Schützen
Feldartillerie (Field Artillery) Bayern Feldartillerie (Field Artillery) Fußartillerie (Foot Artillery)
Dragoner (Mounted Infanty) Pionier (Pioneer) Train (Supply)
Kürassier (Heavy Cavalry) Husaren (Light Cavalry) Ulanen (Lancers)
Jäger zu Pferde (Mounted Light Infanty) Chevauleger Regiments (Mounted Rifle) Verkehrstruppen (Telegraph, Flieger, Eisenbahn etc)
Color Plates

The following links take you directly to color plates that are connected with each arm of service. These charts will all open in a new window
Shoulder Strap Plate 1 Shoulder Strap Plate 2 Litzen Plate 1
Litzen Plate 2 Litzen Plate 3 Helmet Wappen Plate 1
Helmet Wappen Plate 2 Kürassier Plate 1 Kürassier Plate 2
Husaren Plate 1 Husaren Plate 2 Husaren Plate 3
Ulanen Plate Bavarian Ulanen Plate Jäger zu Pferde Plate
Feld Artillerie Plate Dragoner Plate 1 Dragoner Plate 2
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