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Please note that there are not many links on this page. I am very selective about what sites I recommend and encourage you to visit this select list
Like Spiked Helmets?
Then you have to visit this site and join the Pickelhaubes discussion Forum. I participate as (go figure) "Tony & Kaiser" on this Forum.

Interested in the Austro-Hungarian Empire? Then I suggest that you visit the Austro-Hungarian Land Forces web site.

Joe Robinson describes his web site "Pickelhaube musings" but there are some very thoroughly researched articles that are well worth a visit. Joe is what I would describe as "a gentleman collector" who is genuinely sincere towards this hobby and to others.

Interested in the Imperial German Colonial Forces? Then I suggest that you visit the Uniforms of the Imperial German Colonial Forces 1914-18 web site.

I have bought several items, including a few of the Imperial German Waffenrock on Kaiser's Bunker from Advance Guard Militaria. Jeff is a friendly person and an excellent source for original Great War artifacts. You can purchase with confidence and I have been very pleased with every transaction from AGM.

Proprietors and historians Randy Trawnik and Remy Schall run "Age of Kings" which is an excellent source for both original Imperial German Pickelhauben and quality replacement replica parts for restoration projects. I have bought several helmets from them and have been very pleased.

I have bought several items from Treasure Hunt over the years, from common to exceedingly rare, and the service has been consistent. Proprietor Sander van Zanten provides fast and efficient communication, shipment, and the quality of the original items I have received has been in some cases, astounding. I highly recommend Treasure Hunt.

Canadian Soldiers is an excellent, well presented web site that covers many aspects of Canadian soldiers. It is well worth the visit
If you have even a small interest in Gear War artillery, you have got to visit the Lovett Artillery collection. It is simply amazing the work they do on restoring artillery pieces. Most collectors like myself can only dream of having a filed gun, the Lovett brothers have so many they are inventoried. Well worth the visit. Click the link below for an enjoyable visit.