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Updated: Updated 02 December 2020

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01 December 2020

The matching Waffenrock and Pickelhaube for Kgl. Bayer. 8. Chevaulegers-Regt
14 October 2018

Model 1891 Württemberg Infantry issued Pickelhaube
27 January 2018

Preußen Tschapka and Ulanka for Ulanen-Regt. Nr.15.
27 August 2017

Preußen Officer's Tschapka for Line-Regiments Nr. 4, 9, 10, 11, 12.
01 February 2016

Bayern Mannschaften Eigentumsstück (private purchase) Jäger Tschako.
01 February 2016

Preußen Model 1892 Mannschaften Eigentumsstück (private purchase) Jäger Tschako.
10 January 2016

Preußen Model 1856 Dragoner Regt. Nr. 6 issued Pickelhaube
01 January 2016

My first update in over two years.

M1899 Telegraphen-Bataillon Tschako
01 Feb 2014

A double update!

1. A superb original Imperial German porcelain Stein for a soldier who served in 4. Badisches Infanterie-Regt. Prinz Wilhelm Nr.112 (Mülhausen) XIV Armee Korps from 1909 to 1911.

2. Model 1895 Baden Reserve Infantry Mannschaften (Other Ranks) issued Pickelhaube for Badisches Reserve Infanterie-Regt. Nr.111 XIV Armee Korps.
01 January 2014

My first update in over two years.

Preußen Model 1905 Jäger zu Pferde Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Metalhelm for Jäger-zu-Pferde-Regt. Nr.8.
01 March 2014

A beautiful and uncommon tunic for an uncommon rank in the Bavarian style.

An Eigetumsstück (private purchase) Litewka for an Offizierstellvertreter (Senior NCO acting in an officer appointment) from Kgl. Bayer. 5. Infanterie-Regt. Großherzog Ernst Ludwig von Hessen (Bamberg) II Bayer. Armee-Korps.
October 2011
Kaiser's Bunker Guide to Imperial German Cartridge Casings is now open.

Each cartridge casing is photographed in detail, with full explanations as well information on the cannons that fired them.

Over 250 photographs including some rare period images of Imperial German cannons.
January 2010
Part VIII of "How to Build a Battleship Model from Scratch: The SMS Pommern", is now open.This stage of the build which was started in Feb 2009 and completed in Dec of the same year, documents the completion of the Aufbau (Superstructure). In this instalment you will find 30 pages covering 59 individual steps of the build with 122 photographs. Join me in my agonizing struggle to build a large-scale Battleship model from Scratch! A complete web site to document my pain.
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