Imperial German Pickelhaube Evolution 1842-1915
The Model 1860 Pickelhaube
On 10 May 1860 a Bandeau was introduced for the eagle Wappen with the motto "MIT GOTT FÜR KOENIG UND VATERLAND" (With God For King And Fatherland) to be placed above the "FR" or "FWR" cypher. Reserve and Landwehr did not adopt the new Bandeau.

On 04 November 1860 the Pickelhaube was once again reduced slightly in size and once again existing Model 1856/57 helmets were cut down and re-sewn to comply with the new regulations. The reduced height of the helmet shell resulted in a new 56mm stamped sheet-metal Kokarde being introduced.

This slight height reduction made the 125mm eagle Wappen too large for the helmet and a new eagle Wappen measuring 120mm was also introduced.

M1860 Hannover Infantry Regiment 79
Older 1842 pattern eagle Wappen that were void of the Bandeau, were modified by having a Bandeau soldered to the front to make the older eagle Wappens comply with the regulations. This example shows a M1842 eagle Wappen converted to M1860 with the addition of a Bandeau.
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Front Wappen
Spike Base
Side & Liner
Rear Spine
Side Post
This period photo of an issued M1860 sitting on a desk beside a member of the Garde-Regt. zu Fuß clearly shows the reduced height and "vaterland" Bandeau. Note also the spread wing Garde pattern eagle Wappen.
In 1860 the Landwehr, which had worn a Pickelhaube from 1842, replaced the Pickelhaube with the M1860 pattern Tschako. The Tschako was worn by the Landwehr until 1881 when they once again adopted the Pickelhaube.