Imperial German Pickelhaube Evolution 1842-1915
The preußische Versuchshelm Model 1905/06
In 1905 and into 1906 a new preußische Versuchshelm (Prussian experimental helmet) was introduced that was essentially a M1895 with Feldgrau felt covering the top leather shell. The front and rear visors remained as per the M1895 in black lacquered leather.

Although there were other experimental Pickelhaube produced, such as the Versuchshelm 1908 (with removable spike, which would later appear on the M1915) the Versuchshelm Model 1905/06 was the only experimental helmet produced in significant amounts and distributed to regular units. The fittings were essentially the same as the M1895, with fittings in silver or gilt dependant on the unit.

M1905 Preußen Infantry
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Front Wappen
Felt and Stitching
Side & Liner
Rear Spine
Interior Construction
The M1905/06 proved to be unpopular with both soldiers and commanders as it could not be shined for parades or in garrison, which resulted in being withdrawn from service in 1906.

In 1914 to meet the demands of mobilization, the stockpiled M1905/06 were re-issued to troops and are often confused with Ersatz felt Pickelhaubes that have had leather visors attached in repair depots.
Photo used with the kind permission of
Robert Hinesley