What They Should Look Like
Here they are the new mid boat deck 8,8 gun platforms in position with the hand rails added. Note that the rounded supports under the platforms have also been added. Brass tube was cut in half on the Proxxon saw and soldered to the bottom of the platforms to form these supports.

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The Upper Deck
The upper deck itself was cut from styrene. I could not have done this without the Pommern Shipyard drawing of the upper deck from the Bundesarchiv Deutschland, Militärarchiv. I took the lazy-man's approach and glued a paper copy of the drawings right onto the styrene as a template.

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Brian King in his book "Advanced Ship Model Building" describes this as blasphemous and not the way a "professional" ship model builder would do this; "Not cricket Old Boy". Fortunately, I am far from being a professional and Mr. King is not here to help me. The end result is what is important, so if gluing a paper template onto the styrene works, then I am doing it.
The Upper Deck Edging
Like the hull and boat deck, brass angled-strip was carefully cut to fit the entire upper circumference of the upper deck to make the edge and soldered together at the seams. Unlike Deutschland and Hanover that had exposed Fore 8,8cm gun platforms, Pommern had both Fore gun platforms covered with a rather narrow "walk" which formed part of the upper deck. You can see these sticking out like wings on the Fore section of the deck.

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