What Did I get Myself Into?
I remember when I indicated in 2002 to my German friends that I intended to build a Deutschland-Klasse battleship. My friend Peter Lienau mentioned that the Deutschland-Klasse was one of the most complex ships in the Kaiserliche-Marine. I should have paid better attention…... The Aufbau (superstructure) turned out to be incredibly difficult with curves, angles, and complex shapes. Well, I'd come this far, so let's go!

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The Proxxon Tablesaw
In 2003 I purchased a Proxxon Bench circular saw KS 115 in Germany at the Stuttgart Modelbau show at the recommendation of my friend Friedhelm Wahl. It is an incredible tool and I could not have made the Aufbau without it. I absolutely cannot emphasize enough what a brilliant tool this is. It makes incredibly clean and accurate cuts in plastic, wood, or brass.

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Cutting the Boat Deck
The boat deck lower was cut out of 3mm (1/8") Plexiglas by cutting 23mm wide strips for the bottom. The Proxxon worked beautifully and all the strips were cut clean and identical in width.

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