Rear Air Vents
A photo that my friend Friedrich Prinz sent me of Schleswig-Holstein in 1909 showed that the rear structure was actually a large air vent. This structure was lower on Pommern than Schleswig-Holstein but otherwise probably the same. It had shuttered air vents along the sides and was open at the top with an over-hang cover to prevent rain from getting in. Once again I used Peter's stairs to make the vents.

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Small but Important
Here is the completed rear structure for air venting. You can see here the opening at the top with a overhang cover. Of interest, the ship's bell hung under this cover on the right side. Sadly on Pommern, it it hangs there still.

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Stern Kommandoturm
Like the Bow Kommandoturm (Command Turret), it seemed that the Stern Kommandoturm on all five ships was different. On Deutschland is was very high and must have had stairs inside. On Pommern, it was quite low and open at the back with a shield for shrapnel.
Using a template for the diameter, I wandered around a toy store and found a plastic tube on a toy with the perfect diameter. Once cut and with the vision slits installed, it worked out perfectly. The plastic is white so it is somewhat difficult to see in this photo. Behind the stern Kommandoturm in this photo you can also see the completed air vent housing.

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