Rails & Air Vents
When I painted the hull, I realized after that I should have added some of the details before painting. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, I added the painting rails, hooks, doors, and other details onto the Aufbau before painting. Note the Fore 17cm gun turret is in position, however, these will be covered in the upcoming "Guns & Turrets" section.

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Crow's Nests
Now would be a good time to build and paint the two crow's nests so the paint would match, but I was not eager to build them out of brass like the boat deck gun platforms; so I decided on styrene plastic. First, a strip of styrene was clamped onto a flat surface so a thin strip of styrene could be glued to the top edge to form the hand rail.

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Forming the Shape
These strips were then glued around styrene cut to shape for the profile of the crow's nests. They have slight corners on the front, so these were scored on the inside. They also have a slight "lip" on the bottom, so a small piece of wood was placed under them for gluing to allow for this lip.

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