Linoleum Deck Panels
The linoleum panels according to SchiffsModell Extra Nr. 4 p.53 (see references) were 2 X 5 meters and edged with strips of brass (as shown on this photo of Hannover) so a template was cut (2 X 5 cm at 1:100 scale) and used as a guide for marking out the panels in pencil. Most models that I have seen in this scale either do not have this brass as it is too complicated, or use strips of brass-painted plastic glued onto the deck to simulate this brass edging.

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I tried this on the boat deck and I did not like it. The original brass strips were flush with the deck, but these plastic strips were above the deck. By scale, sailors would have been tripping over them. So I removed them all started again. Fortunately, they popped right off and did not ruin the painted deck. That would come later........
A Better Result
I decided to order decal sheets that I could cut into 1mm wide strips. The only decal sheets I could find were by Tauromodel which was not a good product; the decals were brittle, broke easily, and would usually not stick. The strips had to be carefully positioned and then given a coating of Solveset to hold them in place until I could spray the entire deck with semi-gloss to hold everything in place. This was very tedious and required almost a week of work to complete, but the result was very satisfying.

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Black Edging
The black lines line between anything vertical and the boat deck was a sealant which was a paint-like substance based on tar. This would be impossible to paint accurately, so it would have to be simulated by cutting black decal sheets into 2mm strips and applying it to the bottom of all the structures and the gun positions.

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The deck was cleaned to remove the Solveset, but this was not pleasant as the Solveset had discolored the gloss and left water-marks. I cleaned them as best I could with alcohol and then after a good cleaning, the decks were sprayed with semi-gloss to seal the decals.

The entire deck would have to be masked-off to paint the grey color of the vertical structures, which posed some difficulty around the platform supports. To get around this, I used Micro Mask liquid masking which claimed it would allow me to mask-off these complicated areas that would not be possible with masking tape.
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