Securing the Boat Deck
Now that the basic shape was completed, the boat deck could be glued and clamped onto the framework. The boat deck had to be solid and in position to continue.

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The Actual Pommern Aufbau Shipyard Drawings!
In 2004 while visiting friends near Freiburg Germany, I used the opportunity to visit the Bundesarchiv Deutschland, Militärarchiv (German National Military Archives) in the beautiful city of Freiburg. I filled out the form and patiently waited. Eventually a very pleasant woman showed up and handed me the surviving Shipyard drawings from the Pommern.

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Most were below-deck electrical schematics of little use to me, but the one I needed most was actually there! The electrical drawing of the boat deck showed the complete configuration of the upper deck absolutely unique to Pommern. It had survived the war and it was actually in my hands. Before this, I was only guessing. I felt like I had won a lottery so it was off to a Gasthaus in Freiburg to celebrate!
Aft Deck "Wall"
Unlike Deutschland and Hanover who had twin Aft decks, the other three ships in the Deutschland Klasse had a single Aft deck with a "wall" around the upper Aft section. A side view of Pommern shows an interesting detail; the crew in the 8,8cm (88 mm) gun position on the boat deck (B), are much lower than the crew on the Aft deck (A). This proves that the Aft section was slightly elevated on Pommern.

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On Schleswig-Holstein a recent photo showed that the Aft 8,8cm guns themselves were on an elevated platform, and the entire deck was not elevated. On Pommern, however, and possibly (?) Schlesien this was not the case. So as per normal with the Deutschland Klasse, five ships, five different decks..... .
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