Soldering 1.01
Using paper templates copied off the drawings, the boat deck 8,8cm gun platforms were cut from brass and soldered together. This gave me very thin, yet very strong gun platforms with sharp edges.

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Aft 8,8cm Gun Platforms
The Aft boat deck 8,8cm gun platforms were completed and glued in place when I began to notice that what I thought was a shadow on the bottom of the platform, appeared in several other photos. I had to admit that it was an unusual curved indent unique to Pommern. No surprise there.... So, I pried off the platforms I had worked so hard on, tossed them in the trash and made correct ones. Fans of this site should now understand why it takes me so long to build. Why make something just once, when you can make it two or three times to get it right?

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Second Try
Here is one of the Aft 8,8cm gun platforms being tested for fit. Note that it now has that odd curved indent built into the protruding portion.

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