The Right Wood
For planking, I needed a thin wood veneer with a light color and a very tight grain. I ordered samples of several woods from a wood veneer company in Ontario Canada and finally decided on curly maple. Many ship models in this scale have beautiful dark teak decks. However, sun and salt exposure combined with constant scrubbing by the crew, gave the decks a very light color. Curly maple is a hardwood with a nice, tight grain, and the right color for bleached wood.

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Cutting the Planks on the Proxxon
I used my superb Proxxon Bench circular saw KS 115 to cut strips of veneer to 50mm in width. This width would be the length of the planks, as the actual deck planks on Pommern were 5 meters long. This ensured that all the planks would be the same length.

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The Plank Jig
As each plank had to be identical in width, I made a jig using Plexiglas. A metal ruler laid against the jig would allow me to cut each plank so they would be exactly the same width. Each plank had to only be 2mm wide, to represent the actual plank width of 20cm.

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