The three funnels assembled
After priming to look for flaws in the castings, the funnels were glued together with gap-filling cyanoacrylate (super glue). I was very pleased with how they looked.

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You will notice that half-way up all three funnels there is now a raised rib. I discovered this examining period photos and had to add it to all three funnels. It held the cables and ropes for the rigging. Of interest, this rib is much lower on Pommern than on SMS Deutschland. Now it was time for me to finally try my friend Peter Lienau's photo-etched parts, specifically made for the ships of the Kaiserliche-Marine.
*NOTE* On S.M.S. Pommern and S.M.S. Hannover the funnel ladders go up the front of each funnel in the center, although other structures like the ship's whistle etc are in different locations. On S.M.S. Deutschland, S.M.S. Schlesien, and S.M.S. Schleswig-Holstein, the ladders are on the rear of each funnel and angled off-center.
Peter's Photo Etched Parts
The ladders up the funnels were added first, and then the supports for the funnel rings were added. The funnels have now been lightly sanded, as this would be impossible after the ring supports were on. As a result they do not look as good as in the last photos, but that is just primer. Each photo-etched ring support was dipped in a tiny drop of cyanoacrylate (super glue) and positioned.

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*NOTE* Here is where I noticed an error in how I built these. When I made the masters, I should have checked the size of the holes that the photo-etched parts required. the holes I had drilled were a little too large. The gap-filling cyanoacrylate (super glue) will fill the holes, but I could have done better. Then came the next error; all the work to get the pipes on for the ship's whistle and horns in the next few steps, resulted in quite a few bent, broken, or mangled ring supports. I should have put the photo-etched ring supports on last. Not here.
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